Harrington and Richardson Sako L61R Ultrarifle .270 Winchester

H&R built their prestigious Ultrarifles mostly on FN Mauser actions, and some of the last ones on the Zastava 98 Mauser action.  However, a very few select rifles were made on the Sako L61R action and are quite scarce. (The petite H&R "Ultrawildcat" was made on the Sako L461 action.)  The action is fully Sako, including the renowned Sako trigger.  Unique to these rifles, the rear bridge has two factory tapped holes with filler screws on the RH side for a receiver sight (see 5th photo), and the receiver tops are round, without the usual Sako dovetails.

This is a nice example in very good to excellent condition with only very minor usage marks.  It includes Williams open sights (front sight hood missing), contrasting rosewood fore end and teardrop grip cap, original H&R branded buttpad, detachable sling studs, and clean, sharp hand checkering of the rollover Monte Carlo stock.  A period Weaver K-4 Scope is mounted.   Two lug post-1972 receiver with 24" barrel.

The bolt is a replacement with non-matching serial numbers.  We have test-fired this rifle and its headspace is perfect.   Stock#1004S

Price With Scope:  $1075.00

Price Without Scope, with mount bases:  $995.00