Reflection, not scratches on floorplate.

Sako Forester L579 .243 Sporter 

This Sako L579 Forester is an excellent shooter grade rifle in a versatile deer/varmint caliber at an affordable price.  Bluing is very good, running about 95%+, and the wood (possibly refinished) is ding and gouge-free.  Front sight blade has been removed.  A non-slip thin rubber rifle-type pad has replaced the factory plastic buttplate.  The bore of the 23" barrel appears in excellent condition, while the internal box magazine holds five rounds down, making this rifle as six-shot repeater.  Sling studs are ready to receive most quick-detach swivels, and the receiver dovetails take any Sako-type mount.

Stock #1198RS

​Price:  $795.00