Colt-Sako L579 .243 Win

Here is a later Colt-Sako (Called "Coltsman" and made on the Sako L579 action).  This one exhibits some nice walnut and has both rear and front sights, which did not usually come on contemporaneous Sakos.  The Sako L579 action holds five rounds of .243 Win down, making the rifle a six-shot rifle with one in the chamber.  Condition is very good used, rating between 85 and 90% with a very good bore.  There is an escutcheon on each side of the stock where the crossbolt might be on a Sako (no crossbolt present) custom engraved with initials.  This escutcheon can be easily replaced with your own custom-engraved piece if you wish.  Otherwise, the rifle is all factory original.

Stock #1235R

Price:  $850.00

Photo out of focus, SN 62064