Brno ZKW 465 .22 Hornet

One of our favorite models, and maybe the most accurate Hornet ever made.

True Old World craftsmanship shines through on these classic Brnos.  The ZKW 465 is a genuine miniature Mauser with long claw extractor and a front-locking bolt.  It feeds from a five-shot detachable magazine and features built-in receiver mount bases, a three-leaf express-style rear sight, checkered walnut stock, and an absolutely fantastic double set trigger.  If you've never used the European style double set trigger you're in for a treat as the rear trigger "sets" the front for a let-off of only about a half-pound.  For quick shots, the front trigger by itself will fire the gun with a heavier pull.  These rifles are famed for their accuracy, something not usually associated with the .22 Hornet.  Comes with 1" scope rings furnished which are high enough for any 40 mm objective or perhaps a bit larger.  C&R eligible.

Stock #1247RS

​Price:  $1,495.00

Paper tag for identification purposes, ​Will be removed.