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Brno Fox Model 2 in .222 Rem

Here is a sparkling example of European Old World fine rifles.  The Brno Fox Model 2 has a true miniture Mauser action with long claw extractor and front locking lugs.  It is fed from a five shot detachable magazine and features an outstanding double set trigger system.  The receiver has integral scope bases and we have the rings available for this model.  Bolt handle is a European spoon type, similar to that found on the Mannlicher rifles. Unique to this model, the top of the receiver opening between the receiver ring and receiver bridge has not been cut away, making the action extra strong.  The checkered walnut stock features contrasting fore end and grip cap, as well as factory sling swivels.  This rifle appears in pristine condition and we would expect it to shoot as well as other Brnos we've had experience with.

Stock #1248RS

​Price:  $1,295.00