Sako TRGs Model 995 7mm STW

The Sako TRGs is derived from Sako's dedicated sniper rifle, the Model TRG.  This model is known for its accuracy.  It has perhaps the slickest bolt in the industry with its three equally spaced forward locking lugs.  The detachable four round center-feeding magazine works flawlessly.  Those chambered for the super fast 7mm STW wring all of the performance out of the big case by being equipped with a 26" barrrel.  Butt has adjustable shims to change the lengtho of pull and/or the stock pitch.  The long range TRGs was obviously not equipped with any iron sights, but this one comes with Sako Optilock rings and bases installed and ready to mount your preferred scope.  Condition is 95% or better all around, with only one light scratch on the buttstock, while the metal and bore are excellent.

Stock #1263RS

Price:  $1,100.00