Sako Collectors Association Commemorative Set of Finnwolf Rifles, .243 & .308, UNFIRED!

Here is perahps the Holy Grail for Sako enthusiasts.  The old Sako Collectors Association (now disbanded) had 175 sets of Commemorative Sako Finnwolf rifles built in 1982 for sale to the members of the Association only.  Many of these sets have been broken up, while others are buried deep in vaults never to see the light of day again.  These sets become available only very rarely, and we are lucky to have obtained a set, unfired and new in the boxes complete with all paperwork. The plastic shipping sleeves are still with the rifles!  This is a low-numbered set, Number 23 of 175 and is in perfect condition with the tiny exception of one or two very small marks of "safe rash" which guns acquire when shown or exhibited.  Each rifle is complete with a set of Sako dovetails mounted on its receiver, ready to mount regular Sako dovetail rings.  The only other Finnwolf Commemorative we are aware of currently on the market is a single rifle from a set which is priced at $4,000.  We can offer this fantastic set for $5,500.00.  We will not separate this set.

Stock #1269RS

​Price:  $5,500.00

Tiny safe rash on .243