Sako L61R Finnbear .338 Win

Unfired in Box from England!  Three Lug Bolt

This Finnbear is just like new even though it left the factory in 1971.  It was shipped from the factory to Firearms Co., Limted of England, which is a very unusual destination for Sakos which end up in the U.S.  If it had been shipped to the U.S. it would have been what is commonly referred to as "pre-Garcia" with its three-lug bolt and fixed sling swivels.  One of the swivel shipping protectors is still with it.  Like all Finnbears of this era it features a 24.4" barrel, four round magazine plus one in chamber, and deeply blued metal.  If you're looking for a mint, unfired rifle for elk, moose, the big bears, or Africa, this is an outstanding choice.

​Stock #1273RS       Price:  $1,450.00