Please excuse the fingerprints -- forgot to wipe it down before photographing!

Pad adjustable for LOP and pitch..

More dang fingerprints!  These will wipe away..

Sako TRG-s Model 995 in .338

This rifle is near perfect, rating 99%+ in all respects (but we do apologize for failing to wipe the fingerprints off before photographing!)  The powerful .338 Winchester Magnum chambering is perfect for large North American and most African game.  The Sako TRG-s, a sporter based on their famous TRG sniper rifle, has one of the slickest actions you'll ever feel with a short 60-degree bolt lift and three forward locking lugs.  It feeds reliably from a double-stack center-feeding detachable magazine that holds four magnum rounds.  The barrel is 24.4" long and the stock's length of pull and pitch is adjustable via two spacers between the stock and the pad.  These now out-of-production Sakos have garnered a well-earned reputation for accuracy.

Stock #1400RS

Price:  $1095.00