Sako Finnbear A-III .270 Winchester

This A-III .270 has some very nice grain in the buttstock and near perfect metal.  The stock does show some surface scratches and a few dings, putting it in the 90% range.  A modest touch-up would make it like new, to match the near-new bore of this lightly used rifle.  Unlike some from this era in the late 1970's, the pad on this one is in very nice condition, showing no crush or deterioration.  The magazine of the A-III holds five .270's down, while the barrel is 24.4 inches in length.  This rifle is already equipped with Redfield-type scope mount bases which accommodate any Redfield, Burris, Lepold, etc. turn-in rings of any height or diameter.

Stock #1517RS

​Price:  $950.00