Sako A-III Finnbear .270 Win

The A-III designation took the place of the L61R in the late 1970's.  The only difference in the two actions was that the A-III featured a shrouded striker on the bolt (to provide better shielding from escaping gas in the case of a cartridge rupture.)  This example, imported by Stoeger, has some striking fiddleback in the wood figure some and really nice contrast throughout.    The wood shows very few marks while the metal and bore are excellent and the pad is original, uncrushed, and lively.  As with all Finnbears, the barrel is 24.4" and the magazine holds five .270's down.  We consider the very capable .270 one of the very best calibers for medium big game.

Stock #1531RS

Price:  $1,100.00