Sako A-I Mannlicher Carbine .222 Rem

Sako full stock or "Mannlicher" style carbines have a short, handy 20 inch barrel and feature the elegance of an Old World full wood stock extending all the way to the muzzle.  They are quick-pointing rifles which are excellent for off-hand shooting.  This A-I (updated L461 action) carbine has some outstanding wood grain, but it does show marks from field use.  The bluing, however, is very good (floorplate shows some wear) and the bore is excellent.  The fore end checkering exhibits the unique "herringbone" pattern found only in the A-series Sakos.  The internal magazine holds 6 rounds of .222 Remington ammunition, plus one in the chamber, for a total firepower of seven shots.  No sights, but the standard Sako dovetails will accommodate any Sako-style mounts.

Stock #1555RS

​Price:  $1,200