SN 118731

Sako Model 72 Forester .22-250

Here is one of the cleanest 45 year-old Sako sporters we've seen in a long time.  Made for less than two years in 1972-73, the Sako Model 72 varied from the regular Sako sporters by featuring a slightly orange stock stain, two-point checkering pattern on the grip, and sometimes smooth dovetail tops as found on this one.  The actions and barrels were identical to the contemporaneous Sako sporters.  This Forester (medium L579 action) has a 23" barrel and the action holds five rounds down.  It is just as clean on the inside as on the outside with virtually new-looking bore.  The wood is almost blemish-free, while the bluing is as-new.  There are slight marks on top of the dovetails from mounts with set screws, but even those minor marks will cover with scope mounts.  As well as being in such pristine condition, this rifle is chambered in one of the most sought-after calibers from that era, the .22-250.

Stock #1556RS

​Price:  $1,300