Sako A-II .308 Win Sporter

The A-II action succeeded the L579 action in the late 1970's and differs only in having a shrouded bolt for better protection from a failed cartridge case or blown primer.  This one is in fine condition and has a beautiful piece of matte-finished wood, except that the gorillas at the shipping company managed to put a crack in the toe of the stock, which you can barely see in photos 3 &4.  The crack doesn't go all the way through and has been repaired so that it will never give any trouble and is nearly invisible.  But because of this we're reducing the price to offer a real bargain in a popular and versatile caliber.  The barrel is 23-inches long and bore is sharp.  The stock, with the exception of the small toe crack, is excellent condition.  Don't pass this one up if you're looking for a great hunting rifle.

Stock #1587RS

Price:  (Was $1,100.00) Now $950.00