Beretta-Sako Whitetails Unlimited .30-06

What a classy rifle!  This Special Edition is Number 15 of 125 made for Whitetails Unlimited.  It was made by Beretta on a special round-top Sako A-V action before Beretta purchased the Sako company.  Although the action was made by Sako, the entire remainder of the rifle was made by Beretta in its plant in Italy and bears the Italian proof marks to prove it.  The classic non-Monte Carlo stock with its short forearm capped with ebony is wonderfully European in design, but appears to be made of rich American Walnut rather than the European Walnut you would expect from Italy.  The metal finish is a deep matted blue on both action and barrel.  It is equipped with both front and rear open sights.  Magazine capcity is five rounds down and barrel is 24-inches long.  We have no way of knowing if this beautiful rifle has been fired outside of the factory and can only say that it appears mint in all respects.  Although collector quality, this beauty deserves to be taken to the field and hunted with as it was intended.

Stock #1592RS

Price:  $1,200.00