Sako 75-I .20 Tactical by Gre-Tan Rifles

A Fantastic Varmint Rifle by a Legendary Maker

Here is a like-new Sako barreled by the famous Greg Tannel with one of his super-heavy premium fluted barrels and chambered in the outstanding .20 Tactical (.204 bullet on a necked-down .223 case).  The barrel is about 24.75 inches long and has a muzzle diameter of .935 inch.  Even with such a large diameter the fluting keeps the total weight of the rifle down to an even 9 pounds.  The combination of heavy barrel and fluting keeps the barrel cooler during extended strings of shots such as in a prairie dog town or when gopher-busting.  The detachable magazine holds six rounds.  Condition of the metal is near perfect, and the stock shows only a few slight marks (some of which may be simply safe rash).  Except for the Gre-Tan barrel everything about the rifle is original Sako.  Comes with RCBS dies and more than 150 rounds of loaded ammunition in genuine .204 Tactical headstamped cases from Dakoka Arms.  Hard to say what it would cost you to have this rifle built, but it would certainly be much more than this one can be purchased for.

Stock #1700S

Price with Dies and Ammunition:  $1,595.00