Sako A-V .30-06 Ackley Improved

This versatile and powerful Sako A-V Finnbear has the original Sako barrel which is rechambered to Ackley Improved.  This means it can shoot regular off-the-shelf .30-06 ammunition or handloaded Improved ammunition with the velocity gained from the blown-out case.  We have test-fired this rifle and unlike some "improved" chamberings, this one was done right and headspaces perfectly with factory ammunition.  Condition is outstanding with excellent bluing (a tad of thinning at the muzzle) and very few light marks on the wood.  Pad is uncrushed and lively.  Barrel condition shows very few rounds through it.  Barrel is 24.4" and the internal magazine holds 5 down of either factory or Improved .30-06 rounds.  This is an earlier A-V which has the original configuration Finnbear stock with the triangular forearm (not rounded) and the unique "herringbone" checkering pattern on the fore arm.

Stock #1701S

Price:  $1095