Anschutz Mannlicher Carbine .222 Rem 

What a little beauty!  Anschutz is known for its accuracy, and having test-fired this one we can attest that the reputation is well-deserved.  We rarely see all of these desirable features in one place:  Full Mannlicher-style stock, double-set triggers, skipline checkering, folding open sight, and two methods to mount a scope.  The set triggers are a real delight.  The front trigger by itself serves as a conventional trigger to fire the gun, while the rear trigger can be used to "set" the front trigger for a let-off in the ounces.  The barrel is approximately twenty inches and the detachable magazine holds three rounds.  The receiver is grooved for rimfire-type tip-off mounts (which are fully adequate for the light-recoiling .222) but it also has Weaver-style cross lock bases installed so you can choose from a number of heights and styles of cross lock type rings from many makers.  The wood shows some light usage marks while there are a couple of spots on the barrel where the bluing is a bit thin.  However, the bore is near perfect and the gun is overall better than 90%.  This is a very scarce configuration for an Anschutz .222 and we actually can't say that we've ever seen another exactly like it.  It would be a pleasure for a discriminating small caliber shooter to own as a walking varminter or small game rifle.

Stock #1704S

Price:  $1,195.00