Sako Model 995 TRGs 7mm Rem Mag

This Sako TRGs is almost perfect, with only one tiny scuff on the buttstock.  It appears to have had hardly any rounds down the barrel and is in every way as clean as you can ask.  The detachable magazine is a smooth, center-feeding type which holds four 7mm Magnum rounds down, giving you five shots of capacity.  The barrel is 24.4 inches and bluing is perfect on it and the acti0n.  The TRGs was derived from the famous Sako TRG sniper rifle sharing many of its features.  The bolt is glassy smooth with only a 60 - degree bolt lift for very quick follow-up shots.  The Sako factory synthetic stock is weather-resistant.  It comes with two tapered spacers under the recoil pad which allow the owner to customize both the length of pull and the pitch angle of the butt.  The action features the same Sako Tapered Dovetails for scope mounting as conventional Sakos, so any Sako-type scope mount will fit.  We've never come across one of these which was not very accurate.  An excellent and functinal all-weather big game rifle.

Stock #1707RS

​Price:  $1,000.00