Sako Finnbear .338 with 26" Barrel

Very Early L61R with rare 26-inch Barrel!

Wow!  Finding one of these very early Finnbear versions with the 26" barrel is a celebrated occasion.  Only a few were made in the earliest years -- this one is from January of 1963 according to the factory records.  The full 26" barrel generates maximum velocity from a magnum round, making this .338 Win Magnum a real romper.  Condition is very nice for a 57 year-old rifle, with an uncrushed and lively factory recoil pad, wood in the 90% range, and metal even better.  The bore is virtually new, indicating this rifle was shot very little and well-cared for.  Even the original sight hood is in tact and present.  Comes with the leather sling shown.  Magazine capacity of the internal floorplate-style magazine is four magnum rounds down.  As best we recall, this is only the third 26" barrel Sako we've had in inventory in the many years we've specialized in Sakos.

Stock #1727RS

​Price:  $1,495.00