Sako Finnbear Bofors .264 Win Mag

This "pre-Garcia" L61R Finnbear dates from 1964 according to the factory records and bears the famous "Bofors Steel" mark on the barrel.  It is chambered in the sought-after .264 Winchester Magnum.  The bluing and the bore are in very good condition, while the stock shows dings and bumps from honest carry in the field, although it was clearly not shot all that much.  As such, it is a good "shooter grade" and not the much more expensive "collector grade" rifle and will make an excellent long-range shooter for the serious hunter.  Barrel length is 24.4 inches and the floorplate style internal magazine holds four magnum rounds down, making a five-shot rifle.  The original fixed sling swivels have been replaced with quick detachable studs.

Stock #1731RS

Price:  $1,300.00