Sako Finnwolf Collector Set #45

New In Boxes, .308 & .243

Only 175 sets of these special edition Finnwolfs were made for the Sako Collectors Association in 1982/83.  This is set number 45 and is complete and unfired with original boxes and hang tags.  The .308 is on top in all photos and the .243 is on bottom.  There is not a lot more to say about this rare set of rifles.  Ordinary "standard" Finnwolfs are now selling in excess of $2,000 apiece if in decent used condition, so this matched Collector Edition set would seem to be a huge bargain at $2,750 per rifle (however, they are not being offered separately as it would be a sacrilege to break up such a unique, new-in-box set which is now nearly 40 years old.)  Do note that the boxes show some wear as is typical after four decades, however the rifles are in pristine condition.

We discovered a tiny, nearly invisible crack in the stock of the .308 which apparently happened in shipping. We currently have this with a stock expert who believes the crack can be repaired invisibly and will full integrity.  Will notify when this pair is again available.

Stock #1732RS

​Price:  $5,500 for the set