Commercial .243 on Sako L57 Action

Several American gun companies sold proprietary branded rifles made on Sako actions.  Among them were Colt, Montgomery Ward, and Sears Roebuck.  Most of these were made by a company called the Jefferson Rifle Company which operated in the High Standard facility located across the street from Colt in Hartford, Connecticut.  They date to circa 1958-60.  This rifle appears to be one of those, but curiously has no brand name shown on it.  However, the barrel, with its oval "P" mark, and the hand-checkered walnut stock appear identical to the proprietary rifles made for certain brand names.  The bluing on both the barrel and the Sako L57 action is excellent while the stock shows a few honest use marks in its original finish.  The 22" barrel has a very good bore.  It is equipped with an excellent set of quick-detachable 1" scope mounts. This would make an excellent and economical shooter with its prestigious Sako action and five-shot hinged floorplate magazine.

Stock #1737RS

Price:  $925.00