Sako Finnbear Deluxe 7mm Rem Mag

This early Garcia import is identical to the late Firearms International rifles with the same three-lug bolt and fixed sling swivels.  The bore and blue are excellent.  The stock and pad are original and very good with a bruise on the cheekpiece that can be lightly sanded and refinished to look new.  It comes equipped with Redfield bases and 1" rings.  The rings can be used as-is for a one-inch scope or replaced with higher or lower rings or rings to accommodate a 30mm scope tube if desired.  The engraved magazine floorplate caps an internal magazine with the capcity of four rounds down and the barrel is 24.4" long.  An outstanding long range and big game caliber in a fine Deluxe version of the original Sako L61R Finnbear.

Stock #1740RS

​Price:  $1,300.00