Sako L46 "Riihimaki" .222 Rem

This is the "original" Sako, the small "Mauser" action that made Sako famous.  It is also an early one dating to 1951 according to the Sako Factory Records, and is in outstanding condition for a rifle which is now 70 years old.  This would have been one of the earliest built after Sako replaced the left-hand wing safety with the now-famous Sako rolling bolt safety on the RH side.  It is also one of the earliest in caliber .222 since Remington did not introduce the cartridge until 1950.  The original wood finish shows just a few stray marks acquired over the years, while the original bluing is in excellent condition, as is the pristine bore.  The barrel measures 23.6 inches and the detachable magazine holds three rounds.  The receiver's tapered dovetails accept all of the same Sako scope rings being offered today, as well as a Sako detachable aperture sight (we have both rings and sights available).  How much longer will you be able to buy one of these collectibles at a price you can afford to shoot?

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