Sako Finnbear L61R .300 H&H

These sought-after rifles don't come along that often.  Sako chambered the venerable .300 H&H as its .30-caliber Magnum cartridge prior to the introduction of the .300 Winchester Magnum, which largely supplanted it.  Very few of the .300 H&H chamberings were built after the Winchester version came along in the mid-1960's.  This rifle with a 4-digit serial number is from 1964 and is in very nice shape.  Of course, its Sako barrel is marked "Bofors Steel" and its bolt has the third safety lug. Other than having its front sight hood and blade removed, it is all original, its bluing and bore are excellent, and the original finish on the stock is in nice condition.  Best of all, the original pad is still lively and uncrushed.  The barrel is 24.4 inches and the magazine holds four magnum rounds down.  The .300 Holland & Holland, known as the original Magnum cartridge, feeds slickly and reliably and is a favorite of knowledgeable hunters the world over.  C&R eligible.

Stock #1747RS

​Price:  $1695.00