Sako A-V Finnbear .30-06

Here is a beautiful example of an earlier Sako A-V, the successor to the L61R Finnbear.  The A-V differed only in having a shrouded cocking piece and a slightly longer action tang.  The earlier ones before the "Hunter"-style stock was introduced had the same shape stock as the L61R with its triangular forearm and regular height Monte Carlo stock.  This stock finish is a much lighter, nearly blonde, compared to most Standard Grades, and is similar in color to the Deluxes of the era.  Condition is excellent overall, with the 24.4" barrel showing negligible blue wear and the finish of the stock remaining bright and with few if any dings from use in the field.  The stock also features the unique "herringbone" checkering pattern 0n the fore end, used by Sako for only a brief period in the early 1980's.  Removable trigger shoe included.  A really nice hunting rifle in a universal caliber for North American game.

Stock #1750RS

​Price:  $1,295.00