Sako A-V Finnbear in .30-06

This exceedingly clean rifle has the later "Hunter" style stock with palm swell and rounded forearm.  It also exhibits some very attractive figure in the European Walnut stock.  The A-V action is the successor to the original L61R (and A-III) differing only in having a shrouded bolt to protect from a cartridge failure and a slightly longer rear tang.  Condition is very nice with virtually no signs of use or wear.  It has been fitted with a threaded muzzle brake for recoil reduction which can be used as is, removed to shoot conventionally, or replaced with a sound suppressor which almost standard in Europe and increasingly popular in the U.S.  The internal magazine with hinged floorplate holds five rounds down, and it comes equipped with Sako Factory Optilock 1" rings for scope mounting.  You won't find a more versatile hunting rifle.

Stock #1751RS

​Price:  $1,295.00