Sako L579 Forester .243 Bofors

This is a genuine Sako Forester sporter with a Bofors-marked barrel inspected in January of 1965 -- the "Golden" period for Sako rifles when they had slimmer barrels and stocks and the famed Bofors Steel barrels.  Like most hunting rifles it has been carried more than it was shot, so while the wood shows some field use the bore is excellent.  The internal box magazine with floorplate holds five rounds down, making a total of 6 shots available.  The barrel is 23 inches long and the uncut stock with factory buttplate measures about 13.5" LOP.  Here is a "collectible" rifle qualified for Curio and Relic status due to its age, but you can buy it as a real shooter for less than a collector price since it has previously seen field use.

Stock No.  2209RS

​Price:  $SOLD