Sako A-V Classic Grade 7mm Rem

The Sako Classic Grade was offered in the A-III and A-V versions.  It is NOT the standard grade as is often mistaken, but rather a higher grade with special features.  The most significant of these is the use of American Walnut rather than European wood, a straight buttstock without the usual Monte Carlo comb, and a contrasting wooden grip cap.  The beautiful American Walnut in this example has some outstanding contrast and figure.  The rifle is all original with its 24.4 inch barrel and magazine holding four magnum rounds down.  Condition of the stock is exellent, but if you'll look closely you can see a small patch of light discoloration right at the recoil pad.  We do not know how this occurred, but it should be easily remedied.  The bluing is very good with minor thinning near the muzzle, while the bore is excellent.  The popular and hard-hitting 7mm Remington Magnum is long-range round ample for any North American game.

Stock #2214RS

Price:  $1,400.00