Harrington & Richardson Ultrawildcat .222 Remington

H&R marketed these rifles built on the Sako L461 Actions up until the mid 1970's.  This example is very near mint with only one spot of "safe rash" on the PG.  It shows to have been fired very little.  There were two versions of the Ultrawildcat -- this one, which is virtually identical to the contemporaneous Sako Vixen with a 23.6" sporter barrel, and a more petite version with a 20" pencil barrel (see our Stock # 1006S).  This one sports the special H&R round top action which has Weaver-style bases and a set of Millett CrossLoc rings.  The shape and contours of the stock are very close, if not identical, to the contemporaneous Sako Vixen, and unlike it's sister Ultrawildcat this entire rifle was built in the Sako factory as a special order from H&R of 1,000 units.  The barrel has provisions for iron sights, but the mounting holes have filler screws which appear to be from the factory with no sights ever having been mounted.  Unique to Sako actions used on the H&R rifles, this one has the two factory filled screw holes on the RH side of the receiver bridge for mounting a reciever sight.  Weaver bases and Millett Crossloc rings included.

Stock #1005S

Price $1,025.00