Colt Coltsman .30-06

Colt marketed a number of rifles built on Sako actions, using L46, L57, L461, L579, and finally, L61R actions.  The L61R is by far the least common of these since Colt, like Sako itself and later Browning, mostly used the FN Mauser for its long action cartridges.  This rifle is strongly reminiscent of the contemporaneous Sako Finnbear.  It uses the same tapered dovetail mounts, has the same 24-inch barrel, and has a very similar stock shape.  Note the early three-lug bolt.  However, where you would find the crossbolt on a Finnbear there is a Rampant Colt escutcheon inlaid into the Colt stock.  It also is equipped with factory iron sights, unlike a Finnbear, and the rear sight folds.  The magazine holds five cartridges plus one in the chamber.  The stock has a professionally added Pachmayr pad with a LOP of 13 3/4".  Fixed sling swivels, sharp checkering.  A late model Leupold VX-II 3-9x gloss with Duplex reticle is mounted in Redfield rings/bases.  The stock shows a very few use marks, while the blue is excellent.

Stock # 1007S

Price with Scope and Rings:  $1350.00

Price without Scope and Rings:  $1,095.00