Kimber of Oregon Model 89 BGR, .300 Winchester Magnum

Kimber of Oregon built a few of these large-action Big Game Rifles prior to the company's ultimate reorganization and move to New York.  As with the other Kimber of Oregon Models like the 82 Rimfire & Hornet and Model 84 in .223 and similar small cartridges, the BGR was built on the classic lines with Claro or black Walnut and high-quality steel throughout.  This rifle is all original, with a 24" barrel and factory LOP and pad, three position M-70 type safety.  It comes complete with genuine Kimber factory 1" rings (correct height for 40mm objective scope).  The only sign that the rifle is used is some very slight carry wear on the edges of the steel floorplate.  As with any of our rifles, we can mount and boresight the scope of your choice if you desire. 

Stock  #1010S

Price with rings:  #1,495.00