Dickson-Howa Golden Bear Deluxe .30-06

This seldom seen rifle is a nearly exact copy of a pre-1972 Sako Finnbear L61R, right down to the third locking lug on the bolt.  Even the bolts will exchange between this rifle and a genuine Sako.  Made by Howa of Japan in the 1960's, these rifles quickly disappeared from the market, presumably due to a patent suit by Sako.  This is the "Deluxe" version of the Golden Bear with many features mimicking the Sako Deluxe like skipline checkering and contrasting fore end and grip cap.  The bolt is factory jeweled, unlike a Sako, and there is a plastic buttplate instead of a butt pad.  The bottom metal is alloy, whereas a Sako is steel, but in all other respects, including the 24.4" barrel and Sako-copy trigger, the rifle is virtual duplicate.  The construction is high-quality with deep bluing and excellent stock finish, and these rifles usually exhibit very good accuracy.

This specimen is in good condition with just a few stock marks.  Has excellent blue and shows little wear, however the stock crossbolt ends have rusted at some time and are somewhat rough.  The scope is a Bausch & Lomb 2.5-8X with tapered crosshair (this is internally adjustable model which replaced the externally adjusted Balvar-8).  Mounts are genuine Sako rings.

Stock # 1012S

Price with scope and rings:  $795.00

Price without scope and rings: $625.00