SN 36484

Sako L61R 7mm Mag Bofors Steel

A jewel in the rough.  The wood on this pre-Garcia Bofors 7mm Remington Magnum shows lots of dings and scratches, but the gun was obviously carried (carelessly) much more than it was shot.  The barrel has been cut to 21" -- most likely the result of being fired with some snow or mud in the muzzle.  That's the "bad", but there is lots of "good" in this one, too.  The bore is excellent, meaning that few shots have actually gone down the Bofors Steel barrel.  The stock, though rough, has no cracks or deep gouges, meaning that it is a fine candidate for restoration.  It is also all original with an uncrushed factory pad and fixed factoy sling swivels.  And the three-lug action is as tight and sound as the day it came from the factory.  So, buy this and use it as is for a powerful and handy shooter with its shortened barrel, or use the magnum bolt face action and the refinished stock to build the magnum caliber of your choice.

Stock #1565RS

​Price:  $725.00