Sako Finnbear L61R .264 Magnum, Bofors

This great caliber is increasingly hard to find.  This is the first we've had in over a year and comes complete with the original hang tags showing its 1965 production date.  It is also the nicest we've had in recent times with all original stock finish and bluing and a lively, uncrushed recoil pad.  It would rate "collector grade" if not for some thinning of the blue on the floorplate from hand carry and some light marks on the underside of the forearm.  The sight hood has been removed but a replacement is available from online sources.  The bore of the 24.4-inch barrel looks good, while the internal magazine holds four magnum rounds down plus a fifth in the chamber (one more than most belted magnum rifles.)  Being from 1965 it of course has the Bofors Steel barrel, "s"-shaped magazine release, grip cap, and no import mark on the underside of the barrel.  We don't expect to see many more of these in the future, especially not in as good condition.

Stock #1600RS

​Price:  $1495.00