Sako .222 Magnum L469

Bofors Steel

The L469 was a "stretched" version of the L46 (sometimes called "Riihimaki" model) which accommodated the slightly longer .222 Magnum.  Many, like this example, were marked simply "L46" without the final "9" as the third digit.  Condition is very nice for a 60 year-old rifle, with excellent bore, original stock finish and bluing, and only some stray dings scattered on the stock and the bottom of the forearm.  The original three-shot ".222 Magnum" marked magazine is in place.  The barrel measures 23.62".  While the sight hood has been removed (available from online sources) the sight blade is in place.  Chambered for the original high-performance .22 Centerfire cartridge, this caliber is increasingly hard to find.  C&R Eligible.

Stock #1601RS

​Price:  $1,200.00