Mannlicher-Schoenaur Model 1952 .270

If you've never fondled one of these Austrian-made beauties then you simply haven't experienced the ultimate in fine European engineering and craftsmanship.  This very nicely preserved example is a Model 1952 which featured a blued bolt with "spoon handle" and a straight, non-Monte Carlo stock.  The Stoeger Arms Corporation (publishers of Shooter's Bible) was the exclusive importer at the time this carbine was made as evidenced by their logo on the floorplate.  The front trigger serves as a conventional trigger, while the rear trigger can be used to "set" the front trigger for a precision let-off in the ounces.  The famous rotary magazine always feeds smoothly while the bolt works like oiled butter.  A two-leaf open sight serves when going scopeless, but this one is drilled and tapped for the Redfield scope mounts made especially for the M-S rifles.  There is both a trigger safety and a bolt safety that locks the firing pin.  The pristine barrel is approximately 20" long.  The metal finish is near perfect while the stock shows only minor marks -- unusually well-preserved for a 65+ year-old carbine.  But don't let its age fool you:  This modern rifle is constructed of the finest Austrian steel and European walnut and is chambered for the venerable .270 Winchester.  This example is 100% original except for the mounting holes for the Redfield mounts.  You will be hard-pressed to find a nicer one.

Stock #1703S

​Price:  $1,595.00