Sako L61R Finnbear .30-06 ​Bofors Steel

Here is an early Finnbear (inspected January 1963) in very good hunting condition.  These early Finnbears (made prior to about 1969) had more slender barrels and stocks and were nearly a pound lighter than the later Finnbears, making them prized among hunters for whom the weight and bulk of their rifle is important.  The stock shows some field dings but is sound and without functional flaws, while the bluing and bore are excellent.  The pad is also uncrushed and lively, which is unusual for a near-60 year-0ld rifle.  The original fixed swivels have been replaced with quick-detachable studs for convenience and the sight hood has been removed, but otherwise the rifle is original.  The floorplate-style magazine holds five .30-06 rounds down and the barrel, which bears the prestigious Bofors Steel mark, measures 24.4 inches in length.  A fine hunting rifle which puts those being made these days to shame.  C&R eligible.

Stock #1736RS

​Price:  $1,100.00