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About Us

My name is Steven Carriker and along with my son, Jake, we have hunted in Europe, Africa, Canada, Mexico, and across the United States.  In turn, we (along with our lovely wives) have hosted several of our European friends hunting in Texas. We enjoy it so much that we've decided to open up our property to other hunters from Europe so that they can experience real Texas hunting and we can enjoy hosting new European friends.

Stone Creek Ranch is located in the heart of the Texas Hill Country, a region famous for its extensive herds of whitetail deer. It is conveniently only 45 minutes from Austin's International Airport and just an hour from San Antonio's International Airport. This makes it an ideal location for visitors from overseas to not only participate in hunting and shooting sports, but to enjoy both the serenity of the Hill Country and the culture and excitement of two dynamic and varied metropolitan areas.

We also have extensive property in West Texas near Abilene on the Texas Rolling Plains ("The Farm") with a wide variety of game available there.

The Ranch:  Stone Creek Ranch (“The Ranch”) is over 600 acres (250 ha) of unspoiled Texas Hill Country. Its limestone hills (ancient seabed reefs) rise some 300 feet (100 meters) in elevation over its lower lying creeks and valleys. A savanna of Live Oak, Spanish Oak, Madrone, Redbud, and Summac provides cover and browse for its many native whitetail deer and Rio Grande wild turkeys. The ranch also has a shooting range with targets up to 750 meters.

The Farm: Located about four hours up the wide-open highway is our West Texas property (“The Farm”), consisting of 2,500 acres (1000 ha) of cropland and Mesquite forest where some of the state's larger whitetails can be found, along with numerous wild boars, wild turkeys. coyotes, and bobcats. For those interested in winghooting this area also abounds in the state's most prized game bird, the bobwhite quail.

Seasons, Licenses, and Bag Limits
Deer season generally runs from the first Saturday in November through the first Sunday in January. There is a two week special season following the end of the regular season in January during which only females may be taken. A general hunting license allows you as many as five deer, but only one or two (depending on location) may be bucks (males). Legal hunting hours are from thirty minutes before sunrise until thirty minutes after sunset.

Turkey season runs concurrently with the regular deer season. Both males and female are legal. There is also a spring turkey season which is from mid-March to late April during which only males are legal. The General hunting license allows up to four turkeys per hunter.

Wild boar, coyotes, and bobcats may be hunted year around with no bag limit.

Quail season
 runs from November through late February. The daily bag limit is usually 15 birds.


The best way to schedule your hunt is to coordinate with us by email at  Let us know the dates you would like to come, whether you wish to hunt the Ranch, the Farm, or both, and which, if any, days during your stay would be non-hunting dates. Let us know the number of hunters and non-hunters in your party. We will work with you to reserve the most convenient dates according the the time you have to devote to your trip and the most efficient airline schedules.

If you are a small party of just one or two hunters we may schedule one or two other hunters overlapping your hunting dates. This will have no effect on your hunting or accommodations as every hunter will receive the same personal attention.

2019 Calendar and Reservations:  The regular Texas deer season will begin Saturday, November 2, 2019 and run through Sunday, January 5, 2020. The extended “doe” season will run January 6 through January 21, 2020. Dates already fully booked and unavailable are November 24-December 1 and December 23-29.

The sooner you email your request for reservation the better the chance of getting the dates you desire. Please email us with your requests. Include both the number of hunters and non-hunters, whether you wish to hunt the Ranch, the Farm, or both, and whether you will need accomodations before or after your hunt.
A deposit of $XXX per hunter will hold your desired dates with payment of the balance upon your arrival. Credit cards and American currency are accepted.

Feel free to contact us with your questions or any additional information you may desire.



Telephone:  01-512-695-6274

Mr. Bell with best buck of 2017 Season --

​145 Boone & Crockett score!

Henly, Texas -- Roby, Texas


100 kg. feral boar

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Proud young hunter with his wild boar.

A fine trophy from The Farm in West Texas


Hill Country Exotics

A bobcat stalks near a hunter's stand.

Whitetail & Turkeys feeding

Whitetail Hunting in Texas

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Plus Wild Turkeys, and unlimited Wild Boars, Coyotes, & Bobcats!

West Texas Coyote


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