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Sako Triace .22LR Match Pistol

Sako A-II Hunter 7mm/08 mint in box!  NEW

Sako A-V Deluxe .416 Rem

Sako L61R Sporter .30-06 Pre-Garcia

Sako L46 .222 Left Hand Safety, Good!  SOLD

Sako L46 Heavy Barrel .222

Sako L46 "Riihimaki" Sporter .222NEW

Sako A-I Mannlicher .222 Rem

Sako A-V Mannlicher .270

Sako A-III Mannlicher .270

Sako A-III Mannlicher .30-06  NEW

Sako L61R early Pre-Garcia .30-06

Sako TRGs Model 995 7mm STW

Sako TRGs Model 995 .338 Win

Sako L61R Finnbear .338 Win Unfired   NEW 

Sako Finnbear Pre-Garcia .30-06

Sako A-III Classic 7mm Rem Mag  

Sako L579 Sporter .243 Pre-Garcia 

Sako Forester .243 pre-Garcia

Sako pre-Garcia .22-250 Bofors Steel  ​​

Sako Finnbear Model 72 .270 Win

Sako Vixen .222 Magnum pre-Garcia  NEW

Sako Vixen .222 Rem BOFORS  SOLD

Sako Forester .243 Late F.I. 

Sako Finnbear .30-06 Garcia

Sako L61R Model 72 .300 Win Mag 

Sako L61R 7mm Rem Mag 

Sako Finnbear L61R 7mm Rem Mag

Sako A-III .300 Win Mag Threaded Muzzle  

Sako Forester L579 .243

Sako Model 72 L579 .243 Win  

Sako Model 995 TRGs .338 Win Mag

Sako VL63 Finnwolf .308  NEW

Beretta 502 (Sako A-V) .270 Win

Beretta 502 (Sako A-V) 7mm Rem Mag 

H&R Ultrarifle Sako L61R .270 Win

H&R Ultrawildcat Sako L461 .222 Rem

Colt-Sako L461 .223 Rem  

Colt Coltsman Sako L579 .243  

Colt Coltsman Sako L61R .30-06

Sako Custom Sporter .284 Winchester

Dickson-Howa Deluxe Golden Bear .30-06

Wards Westernfield Sako L57 .308 Win

Franchi Falconet .410 O/U Shotgun

Brno Fox Model 2 in .222 Rem 

Brno ZKW 465 .22 Hornet  

Kimber of Oregon Model 89 BGR .300 Win


Fine rifles built by other manufacturers on Sako actions

Sometimes, Money is a little tight when that special gun comes along.  We understand.

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SakoSource is the online store of Bell's Home & Auto, a bricks and mortar store located in Hamlin, Texas which has been serving its customers for over 60 years.  We specialize in high quality firearms, with Sakos our Number 1 item.  Browse through our selection of Sakos and other fine firearms and contact us to buy or for further information on any of our firearms and accessories.


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Yes!  We do Lay Away.

Own an elegant full-stock Mannlicher or a super-accurate Heavy Barrel Varmint model

We're members and sponsors of theSako Collectors Club.  Every Sako owner should be a member of this unique organization where you can learn more about one of the world's finest rifles and share your enthusiasm with other Sako owners, hunters, and shooters from around the world.  Click on the link below to visit the SCC website and join the party, it's free!

New!  The Sako Collectors Club now has data available on older Sakos directly from their Sako Factory Records Service at

& Mannlicher

The Sako Standard Sporter is the hunting rifle which all other hunting rifles are measured against.

Contactus for more information on any of the items in our inventory.  MasterCard and Visa welcome.   Modern firearms are shipped only to your Federally Licensed Dealer.  Sako P-46, P-54, L46, and L57 rifles qualify to ship to C&R Licensees.  C&R eligible firearms will be noted in the description.

We ship only within the U.S., however, if you are a foreign buyer and work with a U.S. exporter we will be glad to ship to your exporter for processing.


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