Sako Collectors Club now Offering Letters of Authentication!

The Sako Collectors Club has recently obtained actual copies of the Sako factory records from 1937 through the mid-1970's.  These records were long thought to be lost and forever unavailable.  Now the SCC is making them available to their members for a nominal research fee.  You can obtain the simple date of inspection of a Sako rifle for $20, the date of inspection plus information on the date shipped, to whom it was shipped, the number of rifles in the shipment, and its original configuration (plus actual copies of the record pages from the original handwritten ledgers) for $40.  Or you can get all of the above plus a Letter of Authentication from the SCC printed on parchment and suitable for framing for $70.  Here is an example:

Records are available for the following Sako rifles:

P46 0001-9500
P54 20001-42052
L46/L469 1-59050
L461  through111849
L57/L579 0001-115300
L61R 1-48900
VL63 1-10500
M39 Mosins 200,001-510810
M28-30 Mosins 35710-72920

Sorry, but information on rifles not listed above is not available.

Actual Images from the original Sako Factory Ledgers

Get Yours Half-Price When You Buy From SakoSource!

As longtime Sako enthusiasts who have handled hundreds of these classic rifles, we at SakoSource are incredibly happy about this exciting discovery.  We're so excited that we're offering to pay for half of a Letter of Authentication for any Sako you buy from us which is within the range of the Sako Collectors Club records. This is one way we can both support the work of the Sako Collectors Club and provide a little something extra for our customers.

By the way, if you have a Sako you'd like to get the factory records for you can contact or go directly to their webstore at