Weatherby Mark V Deluxe .300 WBY

West Germany, Southgate!

Stock #1502RS

Price:  $1,095.00  SOLD

Winslow .300 Win and 7mm Rem Set!

Commander Grade Bushmasters, near new with Leupold Century Anniversary Model 3-9 scopes

Stock #1114S (.300 Win)  SOLD

Stock #1115S (7mm Rem)  SOLD

Price:  See Details for pricing

Brno Fox Model 2, .222 Rem

Stock #1248RS

Price:  $1,295.00

Remington 700 .257 Roberts

"Mountain Rifle"

Stock #1501RS

Price:  $795.00  SOLD

Franchi Falconet .410 Gauge O/U Shotgun    choked Mod & Full, 27.5" barrels

Stock #1014S

Price:  $1095.00

Kimber of Oregon BGR Model 89 .300 Win  Mag  with Kimber Factory Rings

Stock #1010S

Price:  $1,495.00

Brno ZKW 465 .22 Hornet        

True Miniature Mauser

Stock #1247RS

Price:  $1,495.00  SOLD

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