Browning Safari Grade  .22-250 with Leupold M8 8x36, pencil barrel

Stock #1210RS

Price $1,500 w/scope; $1,250 w/o scope  SOLD

Wards Sako L57 in .308 Winchester, good to very good w/Leupold 4X  C&R Eligible

Stock #1016S

Price with scope:  $945.00

Price without scope & rings:  $795.00  SOLD

Colt-Sako L461 .223                     

C&R Eligible

Stock #1243RS

Price:  $1,095  SOLD

Colt-Sako Coltsman .243 Win

Sako L579 action

Stock #1235R

Price:  $850  SOLD

Sako L579 rebarreled to .284 Win

Custom Laminated Stock

Stock #1186RS

Price:  $1,200   SOLD

Colt-Sako .264 Magnum

Sako L61R action, C&R Eligible!

Stock #1529RS

Price:  $1,250.00  SOLD

Dickson-Howa Golden Bear .30-06Deluxe Japanese-made copy of Sako FinnbearVery good condition with B&L 2.5-8X scope

Stock # 1012S  Price with Scope:  $795.00  Price without scope and rings:  $625.00

​Beretta-Sako Whitetails Unlimited .30-06

Two Available!

Number 15 of 125, Number 109 of 125

Stock #1592RS, 1606RS

Price:  $1,200.00, $1,150.00

Beretta Model 500 .222 Rem

Sako A-I Action, Beautiful Wood!

Stock #1597RS

​Price:  $1,200.00  SOLD

Harrington and Richardson Ultrarifle .270            Sako L61R action, c1976.  Weaver K-4 scope.  Nice condition.  Stock #1004S              $1,075.00 With Mounted Scope

$ 995.00 Without Scope

Proprietary Sakos

Rifles from other manufacturers using Sako Actions.  Look for Browning, Montgomery Ward, J.C. HIggins, Harrington & Richardson, O'brien, Colt, Beretta, Marlin, Anschutz, Magnum Research, Winslow, Holland & Holland, Dumoulin, and even the Japanese copy Dickson-Howa.