Sako L579 Heavy Barrel .243

An Early One

Stock #1547RS

Price:  $1,300.00

Sako L579 Heavy Barrel .243

Very Early, Bofors

Stock #1577RS

​Price:  $1,500.00   SOLD

Sako L579 Heavy Barrel .243

Bofors Steel Barrel

Stock #1533C

Price:  $1,150.00

Sako S491 HB .22 PPC

Near New, Single Shot

Stock #1565RS

Price:  $1,495.00

Sako A-I .222 Remington

Stock #1555RS

Price:  $1,200.00

Sako A-V Mannlicher .270 Win

Stock #1261R

Price :  $1,000.00  SOLD

Sako L46 Mannlicher .222, 23" barrel!

Riihimaki Model with Peep Sight

Stock #1259R

Price:  $1,695.00   SOLD

Sako A-III Mannlicher .30-06

Very nice, 1981

Stock #1271RS

Price:  $1,300.00

Sako Full Stock Carbines & Rifles

Elegant Rifles with An Old World Look

Sako Heavy Barrel Varmint Models

Sustained Accuracy for Bench and Field