Sako A-V Hunter stock.  Excellent condition with all hardward, pad, crossbolt.  This is the later        A-V with the rounded forearm and palm swell.

Stock #1402

​Price:  $450  SOLD

Quality Pre-Owned Scopes

Our inventory of used scopes changes weekly, so please email or call us to see which pre-owned scopes are in stock.  We usually have a good selection of used Leupolds, and typically have some Denver Redfields and a few other desirable used scopes.

Sako Deluxe L61R pre-Garcia factory stock.  Excellent condition with all hardware, pad, crossbolt.

Stock # 1401RS

Price:  $600  SOLD

Sako A-V stock NEW!

​Never had a barreled action in it, factory new with factory original waffle pad, sling studs, and finish.  Very small ridge of wood in rear barrel channel to be removed when fitting.  Nice grain in butt.  One or two very small storage compressions.  This is the earlier A-V with herringbone checkring and triangular forearm.

Stock #1400S

Price:  SOLD

Miscellaneous Parts Currently in Stock:               Sako #4 Triggers, $95                                                                       Sako Factory Peep sights, $150                                                      Sako Plastic Buttplates, $25                                                            Sako bottom metal stock shims, $2.50 each
Sako L46 firing pin, $15

Leupold M7-4X in Leupold Mountaineer Box

Stock #2024S

Price:  $150.00  SOLD

Bushnell Scopechief 3X with 2.5X multiplier and pop up "Command Post".

Stock #1021S

Price:  $200.00  SOLD

Montgomery Ward Hawthorn 6X scope specially made to fit Sako Tapered Dovetails, a true collector's scope.

Stock #1020S

Price: SOLD

Used Scope Rings for Sako, 1", 95% or better condition.  These are normally in stock.

Original ringmounts, High, $165

Original ringmounts, Medium, $165

Original ringmounts, Low, $115

Used Leupold ringmounts, Medium, $45

Used Redfield bases with rings, $50

Sako Optilock 1" two piece, $100 

(Used Sako rings less than 95%  condition sometimes available discounted proportional to condition.)


Scopes, Rings, & Sako Parts

We have a selection of vintage scopes to match your classic rifles, as well as the latest from some of the finest makers.  We typically carry a number of new Leupold and Redfield scopes.  Contact us with your needs.

We usually have a selection of low, medium, and high original Sako ringmounts in stock, as well as Optilocks, Leupold ringmounts, and Redfield-type bases.

From time to time we well have a limited supply of  stocks and various parts for Sakos .  However, if you don't see it on this page then we don't have it.