Sako TRGs Model 995 7mm STW

Looks Unfired!

Stock # 1558RS  

Price:  $1,100  SOLD

Sako L61R 7mm Rem Mag

Great hunting rifle

Stock #1599RS

Price:  SOLD

Beretta 502 .270 Win

Sako A-V Action!

Stock #1244RS

Price:  $995.00

Sako A-III .270 Win

Stock #1531RS

Price  $1,100.00  SOLD

Sako Model 75-III .243 Win

Barely used

Stock #1542RS

Price:  $1,100.00  SOLD

Sako Forester .243 Win

Bofors, C&R eligible

Stock #1586RS

Price:  $1,100  

Sako L579 Forester .243 Sporter

Very Low Serial Number!

Stock #1548R

Price:  $1200.00  SOLD

Sako A-III .300 Win Mag

Threaded Muzzle!

Stock #1211RS

Price:  $1,100.00

Sako M75 .300 WSM



Stock #1595RS

Price:  $1,000,00  SOLD

Sako L579 .243 Sporter

Very Sharp!

Stock #1592RS

Price:  $1,000.00

​​Sako L579 Model 72 .22-250

Stock #1538RS

Price:  $1,200.00  SOLD

Sako L46 .222 Magnum

Bofors Steel, C&R Eligible!             

Stock #1579RS

Price:   SOLD

Sako  A-II Classic .243

Superb Condition

Stock #1583RS

Price :  $1,200.00

Sako L61R .458 Win Mag!

Very Rare, Three Lug Bolt

Stock #1602RS

Price:    SOLD

Sako A-V Classic 7mm Mag

Unfired in Box!

Stock #1564RS

Price : $1,350.00  SOLD

Standard Grade Sako Sporter Rifles

The World standard of quality. European Walnut, hand checkering, hammer forged barrels.

Sako L469 .222 Magnum


Stock #1601RS

Price :  SOLD

Sako Model A-II .308

Nice Wood!

Stock #1587RS

Price:  $1,100.00  SOLD