Sako Finnbear .30-06  BOFORS STEEL

From a Collection

Stock #1515RS

Price:  $1,200.00  SOLD

Sako L61R early Pre-Garcia .30-06


Stock # 1153RS    Price:  $950.00

Sako  A-II CLASSIC .308 Win 


Stock #1513RS

Price:  $1,400.00  SOLD

Beretta 502 .270 Win

Sako A-V Action!

Stock #1244RS

Price:  $995.00

Sako VL-63 Finnwolf .308 Win

Stock #1512RS

Price  $1,495.00  SOLD

Sako VL63 Finnwolf .308 Win

Stock #1274RS

Price:  $1,200.00  SOLD

Sako TRGs Model 995 .338 Win Mag


Stock #1189RS

Price:  $1,100

Sako L46 Riihimaki .222 Rem

Rare Left Hand Safety! Good Condition

Stock #1264RS  C&R Eligible

Price:  $1,300.00  SOLD

Sako pre-Garcia Vixen .222 Rem

Pre-Garcia, A Beauty!  C&R Eligible

Stock #1275RS

Price:  $1,300.00  SOLD

Sako TRGs Model 995 7mm STW

With Sako Optilock Rings

Stock #1263RS

Price:  $1,100

Sako L579 Forester .22-250

Stock #1510RS

Price:  $1,250.00

Sako Model 72 L61R .300 Win Mag

Stock #1157RS

Price:  $995.00

Sako A-III .300 Win Mag

Threaded Muzzle!

Stock #1211RS

Price:  $1,100.00

Sako A-III Classic 7mm Rem Mag


Stock #1234RS

Price:  $1,100  ON HOLD

​Two Sako Finnbears in .264 Mag

Great Shooters, Your Choice


Stock #1504RS & #1505RS

Price for Either:  $1,200.00


Sako TRG-s Model 995 .338 Win

Stock #1400RS

Price:  $1,095.00

​​Sako Forester L579 pre-Garcia .22-250

Stock #1509RS

Price:  $1,195.00

Sako L46 .222 Rem

C&R Eligible!     Made 1953           

Stock #1272RS

Price:  $1,200.00  

Sako Vixen L461 .222 Bofors Steel

​C&R Eligible

Stock #1508RS

Price :  $1,195.00

Sako pre-Garcia .30-06 very nice, with Leupold Vari-XII 3-9X scope in Redfield rings

Stock #1101RS

Price:  $1,150 with scope, $950 without

Sako Model 75-V 7mm STW


Stock #1514RS

Price : $1,300.00

Standard Grade Sako Sporter Rifles

The World standard of quality. European Walnut, hand checkering, hammer forged barrels.

Sako Finnbear Pre-Garcia .30-06

Nice, and original

Stock #1151RS

Price:  $1,000.00

Sako L57 Forester in .244 Rem!

Stock #1511RS

Price :  $1,500.00  SOLD

Sako L579 .22-250 Bofors 

Stock Number #1268RS

Price:  $1,295.00  SOLD

Sako Finnbear Model 72 .270 Win

Ladder sight, grip cap

Stock #1302RS

Price:  $950.00